Daphne Super Hydro A Series Hydraulic Oil

Daphne Super Hydro A Series Hydraulic Oil

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Daphne Super Hydro A series of Zinc-free hydraulic fluids have been formulated with highly refined hydro-treated base oil together with anti-wear, anti-oxidant and various additives to provide superior performance in hydraulic systems. Available Grade : Daphne Super Hydro A32 Daphne Super Hydro A46 Daphne Super Hydro A68 Daphne Super Hydro A100

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  • This series of hydraulic fluid is suitable for all hydraulic power units including the advanced high-pressure hydraulic power units, which operate with a higher thermal load.


1. Excellent Heat Resistance, Oxidation, And Thermal Stability - A highly refined hydro-treated paraffin base oil and anti-oxidant assure excellent oxidation and thermal stability and reduce sticking problems caused by the formation of sludge. Prevents sludge formation in the hydraulic tank and filter.

2. Extended Oil Change - Much longer oil change interval compared with those Zinc anti-wear type hydraulic fluids.

3. Excellent Anti-Wear Properties - The addition of a special anti-wear agent assures excellent anti-wear properties to reduce maintenance downtime.

4. Excellent Demulsibility - Extremely quick separation with water prevents it from emulsifying with water making it most suitable for preventing machine parts from rust and corrosion.

5. LowPourPoint-Additionofpourpointdepressantreducespowerlossandwarminguptime, ensuring energy conservation.