NEOs PN-3000P Rust Preventive Oil

NEOs PN-3000P Rust Preventive Oil

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PN-3000P is a corrosion preventive oil based on JIS K-2246 (NP-3) which provides a thin grease-like dry film (colorless and transparent) that shuts down oxygen and water caused rusting from the metal surfaces.

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Where to use

  • As water repellent and mid-term rust protection after cutting and grinding.
  • As indoor rust-protection for machinery.
  • For indoor storage of ball-bearing, cutting-edge, gauge, metal mold.


  • Superior water repellency allows rust-protection on the dipped parts and its solution never emulsify
  • Never-sticky-film and strong rust-protection, and easy handling to work
  • Easily removed with water-based industrial cleaners or solvents
  • Short drying time

How to use

  • PN-3000P can be applied by dipping, brushing, or spraying.
  • For water repellency, dip into the neat solution for more than one minute
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